Michigan By The Bottle Tasting Room

Group & Private Tastings

We hope to resume Group and Private Tastings soon!

UPDATE 2/11/21: MBTB fans: We appreciate your patience as we've settled in post-second shutdown at 25% capacity. Now that we're getting back into the swing of things and assessing how traffic and procedures are going, we need to make an update to our reservation policy.

For years, we've had a Group Tastings option available (reserved seating) with a $25 deposit that goes back to the guest afterward, which was mainly intended for groups of eight or more so we can plan seating and staffing accordingly. In this new world, we understand that many guests are apprehensive about getting a table at 25% capacity, and, in an effort to be accommodating, we’ve been allowing guests to make Group Tasting reservations with deposit for groups as small as two people. However, after assessing how that’s been going since reopening Feb. 3, we have decided we need to revert to first come, first served, until our capacity restrictions increase. We deeply appreciate all of the interest, but not being truly set up for reservations, it has posed some complications for our skeleton crew on both the administrative and service end.

We, of course, will honor all Group Tasting reservations made prior to this announcement, and we will most certainly revisit when we can begin accepting Group Tasting bookings as capacity limits shift over the next few months. In the meantime, if you would like to guarantee a spot, we encourage you to book one of our Winter Wine Bubbles. Furthermore, we can tell you it has rarely been busy since reopening, so it is unlikely you will have to wait for a table indoors. You’re always welcome to call ahead just to assess how busy we are if you’re wondering beforehand.

We appreciate you understanding as we adjust to the constraints of our new (and hopefully temporary) reality.

If you are interested in booking an In-Person Small Group Class or Virtual House Party now, or a Private Tasting or Private Fundraiser Tasting for later in the year (when hopefully some normalcy is restored), please complete the pink webform below and we'll respond to your message ASAP.

To reserve one of our Winter Wine Bubbles outside at MBTB Shelby Township or MBTB Auburn Hills, please click here to visit our Events page, where you'll find a reservations link in the left-hand sidebar.

When we're at full capacity, here are our usual group options ...